Anonymous asked: You make Ray Bans cool tbh

I’m heart eyes over you, Anon

Anonymous asked: I just wanted to let you know I think you're really cool

I feel like I need to put on my Ray Bans again just to read this message

jaydenicole9 asked: My friends were laughing at me because I fangirl about seeing you there, I was like "OMG I love her vines, She's super funny" and they kept telling me to ask for a picture I was really scared but I asked and I'm so happy did.

JAYDE YOU’RE THE CUTEST! I loved talking to you at the meet up. :)

Are you going to the meet up on Aug 1st in Toledo? Or either of the WWAT Detroit shows?

sarahhood asked: sounds good :) can you guys follow me on instagram? @iloveyoujklol

done :)

Anonymous asked: I'm so happy my friends and I took photos with you on the July 14 at the meetup! I seriously think of you as someone to look up too! We need to make a name for Rosie fans!

Omg you’re so sweet! I remember you :) That meetup had a surprisingly good turnout ( I was so worried no one would show :( )

It’s so cool if you guys think of me as an older sister type because I have younger siblings and that’s just normal for me. I can be like the 5sos big sis for anyone who needs me.

onedirecshart asked: Why do I keep going on anon I have no shame hi Rosie you're all over my dash bae <3

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii xx 

Thanks for coming off anon :)

Anonymous asked: was is weird for you to have people lined up to take pictures with you at the 5sos concert in royal oak? (I was one of them lol)

Bon just went home because he has soccer in the morning so I’m answering alone. People only come up to me in person sometimes but mostly people talk to me online about stuff.

I don’t like when girls objectify my brother because he’s not a celebrity, he’s my baby brother, but I like that he can meet people who have a similar interest and think he’s really cool because believe it or not he’s not super popular at school or anything. I like seeing him happy and most of the time this makes him happy. Idk if he thinks it’s super weird, mostly that people think he looks like Luke, but not that they like him. He dresses well and is a great guy so idk why someone wouldn’t like him.

Anonymous asked: Are you guys famous or something I'm confused

Not really, not in real life anyways

twistedartist1d asked: I wish I was sitting closer to the stage so Harry could pour water on me. I don't even care...I love him so much

That would be #thedream

Last summer Drew from e3 prior to the breakup poured water on me and it was the opposite of a sexual experience for me but Harry doing anything at all is a yes from me

onedirecshart asked: This is me procrastinating my homework tbh Do you prefer cats or dogs there's only one right answer

Tbh I’m a dog person and so is Bon but we love all animals in general

what was the right answer?!

Anonymous asked: should i be flattered when bon favorites my selfies

yes because he thinks you’re pretty but be really flattered if he favorites your selfies and your tweets because it means he thinks you’re incredible

sarahhood asked: You guys should hang out with me and Ashlee soon? :)

R&B: 100% agreed :)

Anonymous asked: This may seem like a weird/specific question but do you go to the university of toledo?

No, I don’t. I’m in a year off school right now :) Do I have a lookalike that goes to UT?!

sadlyamuggle asked: I thought of something, okay send me a selfie on twitter? - erraticirwin

Okay but I’m nervous and can’t find a good picture :(